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Garry & Evelyn Koshnitsky

It is very sad to have to report that Mrs Evelyn Koshnitsky died on Friday 3rd October 2014 in Sydney, aged 99 and a half. And while Evelyn might not be known to the current crop of chess players, her deeds and wonderful work have had a huge impact on chess in Australia. For over 50 years she worked tirelessly to promote the game. She edited and published magazines, organised and ran the SA Junior Chess League and did everything she could to encourage girls to take part. She was blessed with a fabulous sense of humour and was absolutely devoted to her husband Garry, himself a Champion player and dedicated supporter of chess.

Evelyn received both the British Empire Medal and the Order of Australia and in a very moving ceremony in 2003, Robert Jamieson, on behalf of the Australian Chess Federation, presented her with an award simply titled, 'The Most Loved Person in Australian Chess'. Thousands of players, myself included, owe her and Garry a huge debt for helping to organise hundreds of events, ranging from small weekenders through to the best-ever World Junior Championship here in Adelaide in 1988 - nothing too small or large.

And above all else, Evelyn had a great love of life and people, and was always caring and sharing. Rest in Peace, Evelyn.

Funeral service will be held at Guardian, Broughton Street Campbelltown Sydney on Wednesday, 15th October 2014 at 10:30am.



Hello everyone :)

Interschool Results

Congratulations to the following schools on their 2014 Interschool results - the complete scoretables can be found under Draws & Results but in essence:

PAC won the Secondary Div 1, Div 2 and Div 3 competitions and the Champion Secondary School.

The Primary A Grade was won by Walkerville PS

The Primary B Finals was won by Magill PS

The Primary C Finals was won by the composite team from the Campbelltown Library but was awarded to Walkerville PS a point behind.

The Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield for Champion Primary School was won by St Peter's.

Individual Results

Congratulations to the following players for their success in this year's State Junior Championships - the crosstables can be found through the llinks on the left.

Under 18: 1st Punala Kiripitige

Under 16: 1st Qi Le Kong-Lim; 2nd Denny Han;

Under 15: 1st Peter Gregoric; 2nd Maksimas Zalkauskas; 3rd Oscar Herrmann; eq 4th - Vitaly Klimenchuk

Under 14: 1st Preshaan Thavarajah; Equal second Kee-An Seet and George Karassoulos.

Under 13: 1st Arseny Galliamov. The Top Girl prize in the U15 was shared by Hui-Si Yee and Susanne Wells.

Under 12: 1st Dongwoo Shin. 2nd Chathula Kiripitige =3rd Sung Hoon Ok and Matvei Kotousov.

Under 11: Equal 1st: Sisi Wang & Chathula Kiripitige; 3rd: Boris Glushkov; =4th: David Zhang & Sree Hilan

Under 10: 1st: Ethan Liu; 2nd: Luca Paull; 3rd: Zhibo Shang; =4th: Vladimir Gordienko & Aditya Ghai

Under 9: 1st: Ye Seul Ok; =2nd: Tommy Burks & Saxon McDonald; 4th: Anton Ivanov

Under 8: 1st: Ethan Retnaraja; 2nd: Royce Wong 3rd: Caleb Tang; =4th: Gabriel Cregan & Jonathan Zhang


State Girls' Championships

Under 18: Equal 1st: Hui-Si Yee & Susanne Wells

Under 11: 1st: Sisi Wang

Under 10: 1st: Ye Seul Ok

Under 9: 1st: Niamh Bridgeman

The Top Girl was Sisi Wang

Top Under 10 was Vladimir Gordienko.

The July Junior Tournament for 10 years and less (not the State Under 11 or U10 or U9 titles which will be held next holidays).

Equal 1st:Tommy Burks and Ye Seul Ok on sharing first in the first July Junior Tournament;Ethan Retnaraja finished 3rd.

A second tournament was held the following day and the results were:

1st: Ye Seul Ok; equal second: Tommy Burks, Damian Smallridge and Ethan Retnaraja.

Congratulations to the following players for their success in this year's City of Adelaide Junior Championships.

Under 21: Equal 1st: Preshaan Thavarajah & Arseny Galliamov

Under 14: 1st George Karassoulos

Under 12: Sisi Wang

Under 10: Equal 1st: Ye Seul Ok & Boris Glushkov



The calendar for the junior chess events for this year can be found under the Calendar option on the left hand side or simply downloaded by clicking here. News items from previous years can be found under the News section.

Earlier News for this year


Inter-school Team Registrations are now being taken - all Primary Matches will take place at 4pm and all the Secondary Matches will start at 7pm with the Division 1 Matches being played with a quicker time limit. Please check here for details of the venues and times



The first important date is the Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday 6th March at 7pm at the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide and everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be a review of last year and we will discuss ideas for 2014.

Motions to be considered:

1 All Primary Matches, including A and B grade, to be played after-school at 4pm; the A Grade with a 45 min +10/sec per move per player time limit - YES


2 The Secondary Division 1 Competition have a time limit of 60 mins +10 sec per move per player - YES

3 The Primary A Grade and Division 1 teams be reduced to 4 player teams to bring into line with interstate and make it easier for schools to make teams - No

4 Secondary country teams be allowed to enter teams in Division 3 and play opponents online - No

The 2014 Australian Junior Championships

These took place in Sydney in middle-to-late January and the Under 18 was won by wunder-kid Anton Smirnov with 7.5 out of 9, losing only one game in the final round to Bernard Chau. The leading scores were: Anton Smirnov 7.5, Pengyu Chen 7, Karl Zelesco 6.5, Bernard Chau 6, Kevin Willathgamuwa 5.5 and our own Punala Kiripitige 5 - a great result in such a super-strong field.

The Under 16 was won by George Carolin-Unkovich from WA and SA's Peter Gregoric came equal 4th and Aaron Hammat came 8th and Eddie Han equal 12th.

The Under 14 was won by Rishi Dutta with 8/9. SA's Denny Han scored 6, Qi Le Kong-Lim 5.5, Srivatsav Manokaran 5, George Karassoulos and Kee-An Seet 4 and Oscar Herrmann 3.5.

The Under 12 was won by Kerry Lin after a playoff with Haran Salasan and Kevin Shen, all with 7 points. SA's Preshaan Thavarajah and Sung Hoon Ok scored 5 and Peter Moskvichev 4.5


Congratulations to all our players who took part - the experience they gained will be invaluable.

Some Events to note for your calendar:

Half-Day Week 8 Tournaments

Just $10 entry per student - any number and any ability!! Discounts for 10 players or more from the one school. The SAJCL will again hold special half-day tournaments in 2014 - they will be held during the 8th week of each term. They start around 9.15am and finish around 12.30pm. The players will have 10 minutes each per game and should play 6 games in the morning. The tournaments will be held at the Chess Centre in the city.

1st term: WEDNESDAY 19th March 2014
2nd term: WEDNESDAY 18th June 2014
3rd term: WEDNESDAY 10th September 2014
4th term: WEDNESDAY 3rd December 2014

Rookies Club - Sunday Afternoons - suitable for all students

Tournaments are held roughly once a month, near the start of the month where practical, from 2pm - 4pm. We are starting this year with two Sundays in a row and then we settle into the once-a-month routine.

Sunday 23rd February 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 2nd March 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 6th April 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 4th May 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 1st June 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 29th June 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 3rd August 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 7th September 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 12th October 2014 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 2nd November 2014 2pm - 4pm

Venue: The Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide 5000 Cost: $10 per afternoon.

Format: There will be a general tournament each week with prizes, along with friendly games and short lessons for novices and youngsters not keen on competitions yet.
Suitable: for ALL juniors aged 5 and above - beginners to advanced






2013 News


The Secondary Division 1 Competition was won by PAC after a thrilling match against St Peter's ended in a 3-2 win, making PAC the overall winner by 2 points. The final leading scores were: PAC Red 26.5; St Peter's Blue 24.5 and Glenunga 23.5.

The Division 2 Competition was won by Marryatville IHS with 54 points ahead of Glenunga Gold on 42.5 and Blackfriars Red on 42.

The Division 3 Competition was won by Scotch College with 34 points, ahead of Glenunga Gold on 31.5 and Christies Beach HS on 30.5

The Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield for Champion Primary School was won by PAC, ahead of St Peter's. Magill PS and Walkerville PS finished 3rd.

Primary B Finals and C Finals

Congratulations to Walkerville PS on convincingly winning the B Grade Finals ahead of Campbelltown Library and St Mark's Lutheran. Congratulations also to St Peter's on winning the Primary C Finals ahead of Unley PS in second and Campbelltown Library and Scotch College in equal third.

The SAJCL willhold a series of chess matches between schools in Week 6 this term. 


Primary Open - see DRAW
Secondary Open - see DRAW
and the students will play online using at lunchtime. You may need to get your school to unblock the site during that time - just check if you can get onto the site sometime soon and if you can't, it is easy to ask your IT people to help. If they have concerns explain that it is a very safe site, the students will be advised not to chat to anyone and the site will be blocked after each lunchtime if necessary. And a teacher will be supervising to ensure the students will be not be getting any assistance.

Click here for more info.

Australian Junior Championships 2014

These will be held at Knox Grammar School in Sydney from 11th-19th January 2014.

Entries are now being taken - please check for details

Congratulations to everyone on taking part in this year's State Junior Titles

Here are the major results

=1st Under 18 Eddie Han & Punala Kiripitige; 3rd Ted Wachtel

1st Under 16: Peter Gregoric; 2nd Maks Zalkauskas

=1st Under 15: Joel Lee & Qi Le Kong-Lim

=1st Under 14: Denny Han & Liam Harrison (Denny gets the title being from SA)

=1st Under 13: Kee-An Seet & George Karassoulos

1st Under 12: Preshaan Thavarajah; Equal 2nd: Arseny Galliamov & Thanh-Mai Nguyen

The Under 11 Championship was won by Sung Hoon Ok; second was Peter Moskvichev and equal 3rd was Makar Radzievski and George Bartley.

The Under 10 Championship was won by Luca Paull and Alexei Bogatirev; equal third were Boris Glushkov and Jonathan Miteff.

The Under 9 Championship was won by Ye Seul Ok; equal second were Flynn Schapel and Aditya Ghai

The Under 12 Girls title was won by Hui Si Yee.


Interschool Matches

The Interschool Matches will start in Week 2 of Term 2 and team registrations will start being taken after the AGM.


Please check here for a venue for your team and enter as many as you can :)


BREAKING NEWS - St John's Lutheran at Highgate is now a C Grade venue on a Friday at 4pm - and Our Saviour Lutheran at Aberfoyle Park will be hosting an event as well.


School Affiliation Fee: $40
Sec Team Fee (5 player teams in Div 1 & Div 2; 4 players in Div 3): $84
Primary Team Fee for B grade and C grade (4 player teams): $48
Primary Team Fee for A grade (5 player team): $60

Week 8 Tournaments

The Week 8 Half-day Tournaments will once again take place on the Wednesday morning of week 8 and these should be added to your calendar if you plan to run any excursions this year:

1st term: WEDNESDAY 20th March 2013

2nd term: WEDNESDAY 19th June 2013

3rd term: WEDNESDAY 11th September 2013

4th term: WEDNESDAY 4th December 2013


Rookies Tournaments - suitable for juniors of all ages and abilities.

Sunday 24th February 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 17th March 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 14th April 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 5th May 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 2nd June 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 30th June 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 4th August 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 8th September 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 6th October 2013 2pm - 4pm
Sunday 3rd November 2013 2pm - 4pm

More details will be sent out shortly by email but ..


Can all teachers at the State schools please send me an email with your new email address.

We are also setting up a facebook page for the Junior League so please check it out for more info.

Register for Newsletter

Email Alan at and give him your name, school, and email to be on the newsletter list.




2012 News

A big congratulations to Prince Alfred College on winning the Secondary Division 1 just ahead of St Peter's. PAC also won the Secondary Division 2 Competition ahead of Glenunga IHS and the Divison 3 Comp was won by Scotch College ahead of PAC.

Also congratulations to PAC on winning the Primary A Grade ahead of Magill PS.

The B Grade and C Grade Primary Finals were held on Friday 7th September and congratulations to Walkerville PS on winning the B Finals, ahead of St Michael's and St Mark's. The C Finals was won by Campbelltown Library, a half-point ahead of Scotch College and third was Ascot Park PS. Scotch College will receive the Shield as the Campbelltown team was from multiple schools.

The September Super 8 Tournament was won by Jamie Dunne from Adelaide HS.

The EK Shield was held on the 14th September at 4pm and was won by PAC - well done! Equal Second were Magill PS and St Peter's College; Walkerville PS came 4th.

Coming Up

* The State Under 11, 10 and 9 Junior Championships, the State Girls Championship and the October Open!!! Wow. Please note the entry fee for these is $35 if you enter on Thursday or $30 if you enter online or give Alan a ring. Click here for the entry form

The Primary Presentation of Prizes will take place at 7.00pm on the 19th October at the Chess Centre.

Also a reminder that the Week 8 Tournament takes place on Wednesday 28th November.



Hello - welcome to chess in 2012

Following our AGM, it has been decided that the teams in the Primary B and Primary C grades will only need 4 players in a team - this should make it easier for schools to create teams and for parents to transport them - one parent is able to take 4 children in a car.

We have also been able to confirm most of the venues for year, and apart from the Hills Competition and the Primary A and B matches at PAC, all other primary competitions will be played after-school; orginially it was thought that 4;15pm was a sensible time but venues like West Lakes Shore PS would like it as close to 3:30pm as possible so we will judge the starting times according to the teams that enter.

Here is a quick list of the venues and places

Day Time Locn Grade Nos Comment
Monday 7pm St Paul’s Lutheran Church Hahndorf B/C 8+ Played weekly starting wk 2, T2
Tuesday 4pm CBC Junior B 8  
  4pm CBC Junior C 8  
  4pm Parkside C 8 special dates!
Wednesday 4pm Westminster Prep B 8  
  4pm Westminster Prep C 8  
Thursday 4pm St Andrew's C 10  
  4pm St Paul’s, Gilles Plains C


  3.30pm West Lakes Shore PS C 8+  
  7pm Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adel Sec Div 4 8+ NEW Secondary Comp
Friday 4pm Ascot Park PS C 8  
  4pm PAC C 8  
  4pm Rostrevor C 8  
  4pm St Ignatius' Jnr B 8  
  4pm St Peter's C 8  
  7pm PAC A 8  
  7pm PAC B 8  
  7pm Chess Centre Sec Div 1 8+  
  7pm Chess Centre Sec Div 2 32+  
  7pm Chess Centre Sec Div 3 24  

The Interschool matches have started amidst great excitement with greater numbers than ever taking part.

We have 150 students playing in Secondary Division 2 on a Friday night - wonderfully exciting and events like the Hills Competition have expanded to 16 teams. See Draws and Results


The 2012 State Under 18-Under 12 Championships

Adelaide's latest state junior champion is 12 year-old Qi Le Kong-Lim who moved here from New Zealand at the start of the year. Qi Le won all 8 games in the strong 32 player tournament to win the Under 18 title outright, ahead of Punula Kiripitige on 7 and Peter Gregoric on 6.

The final age prizes were:

U18: 1st Qin Le Kong-Lim; 2nd David Li; =3rd Andy Chea & Ted Wachtel;
U16: 1st Punula Kiripitige; 2nd Matthew Zalkauskas; 3rd Aaron Ridgeway.
U14: 1st Peter Gregoric; 2nd Ethan Lim; =3rd Caleb Barns, Jason Huynh, Joel Lee & Terence Ang.
U13: 1st: Henry White; equal 2nd Vitaly Klimenchuk, Nikila Hewage & Emma Richardson.

The Under 12 Championship was another 32 player event and was won by Kee-An Seet ahead of 2nd: Axel Heinrich and 3rd George Karassoulos. There were 3 sectional prizes: Under 11: =1st Arseny Galliamov and Saad Khatri; Under 10: =1st Peter Moskvichev & Dongwoo Shin; Under 9: 1st Chathula Kiripitige 2nd Jude Hardy. These sectional prizes do not represent the U11, U10 or U9 State titles which will be held next holidays.


Week 8 Tournaments

Next Rookies Event 5th August 2012


see 2012 Registration

To enter a team (or teams) in this year’s interschool matches, simply pick a venue and time and date that’s suitable, and either ring Alan Goldsmith on 0401 67 2481 or email him - The matches are generally played fortnightly. Please register soon.

The Primary A Grade Competition has 5 players in a team, while the Primary B and C Grades only have 4 players per team. Schools should bring 2 sets and boards per team, except at the Chess Centre.

All secondary matches are played at the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide on Friday nights, starting at 7pm - but a new Division will be trialled at the Chess Centre on a Thursday night, depending on entries. The Division 1 and Division 2 Grades have 5 players in a team, while Div 3 and the new Div 4 will just have 4 players per team.

The cost: There is a $40 per annum School Affiliation Fee to join the SAJCL. The cost for a Primary B or C team is $48 for the season; for a Primary A team $60; the cost per Secondary team is $84. There is no GST since the SAJCL is a non-profit organisation. Sorry - the fees have had to go up slightly this year following an increase in rent of $1000.


Success at the Australian Junior Championships

There are lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline for junior chess this year - we are determined to build on the success of the juniors who went to the Australian Junior Championships in January.

The outstanding result was that of Mercedes College student Alistair Cameron who won the prestigious Australian Junior Under 18 title outright with 8 points out of 9, ahead of two of Australia's top juniors Justin Tan and Anton Smirnov on 7.5 points. This is a well deserved success for Alistair who tied for first in last year's senior City of Adelaide Championship and signals that he is ready to be part of the current crop of top juniors who look set to take on the world.

Another great success was that of Stuart Nicholls from Glenunga IHS who tied for first in the Under 14 Championship with Andrew Pan on 7.5 points but lost the playoff .5-1.5 on the last afternoon - a bit of a shame but it was a huge tournament. Alex MacAdam from Pembroke finished on 5.5 in 11th place, Peter Gregoric (PAC) on 5 points in 20th place and Jason Huynh (PAC) just a further half point behind in 21st place.

The Under 12 also had many potential stars in its 67 player field. It was won by Rowan Willathgamuwa with 8.5 points but SA's George Karassoulos did well to finish in 31st place with 5 points and Jared Waker (Linden Park PS) in 33rd place on 4.5. Congratulations to all who took part - well done!


The main dates for the tournaments held on the Wednesday of Week 8 each term:

1st term: WEDNESDAY 21st March 2012

2nd term:WEDNESDAY 13th June 2012

3rd term: WEDNESDAY 5th September 2012

4th term: WEDNESDAY 28th November 2012

- theses excursions are very popular and can be a real focus for any school chess club - they really make chess very exciting. The rates are very flexible and great discounts are offered to schools bringing 10 or more students.



2011 News


2011 Results

The Interschool Matches have Finished- click here to see the final places.


Divison 1 was won by St Peter's College; 2nd PAC; 3rd St Ignatius'

Div 2 was won by PAC Gold; 2nd Glenunga Blue; =3rd St Peter's Blue; PAC Red; St Ignatius' Blue

Div 3 was won by Blackfriars. 2nd Scotch College; 3rd Glenunga Orange.

The Secondary Champion School was won by PAC.


The Primary A Grade was won by Magill PS; 2nd PAC Red; 3rd St Peter's Blue.

The B Finals was won by Magill PS; 2nd Nairne PS; 3rd East Adelaide PS.

The C Finals was won by St Mark's School; 2nd was Scotch College; 3rd Blackfriars; =4th Campbelltown Library; Walkerville Red; Norwood PS.

Chess Events over the holidays

The SAJCL will be running be running the State Under 11 - State Under 9 Junior Championships on the last Thursday and Friday of the holidays (13th & 14th October) at the Chess Centre. There will be one-day events just for those able to attend only one day. The cost per student is $30 and pizzas can be ordered each day.. These are great fun, cater for students of ALL ages and abilities and will provide a gentle introduction to tournament chess. Please click here for the entry form and details of a holiday coaching class on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October.

Rookies Club

A reminder also that the Rookies Club runs tournaments on the first and last Sunday of each month at the Chess Centre. The cost is $10, it is suitable for players of all strengths from beginners to experts, and you simply register and play on the day. See below for more details.


There was considerable debate over the rules for this year's competition at the AGM and the following was passed - see rules

the dates for the four 'week 8 half-day tournaments' we will be running this year - a great and inexpensive excursion for your students and good introduction to the excitement of real chess.

The Rookies Club is resuming - and will be held at the Chess centre on the Last and first Sunday mornings of each month - mainly tournaments but a bit of coaching thrown in for good measure - an ideal opportunity for any keen youngsters to really improve.

Please check our here for further info. More details shortly, but registrations for the school teams won't start until mid-March.


We are delighted to announce the return of the Rookies Club, an Adelaide institution for over 15 years. It will be held on the first & last Sundays of the month, where practical, from 10 am - noon. Roughly 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. It will be run as a joint effort with the SAJCL and Knights & Bytes.

Venue: The Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide 5000
Cost: $10 per morning.

Format: There will be a general tournament each week with prizes, along with friendly games and short lessons for novices and youngsters not keen on competitions yet.

Suitable: for ALL juniors aged 5 and above - beginners to advanced

Juniors do not need to turn up for all these events - they can simply turn up on one or more of the following days:

27th February - 6th March - 27th March - 3rd April
1st May - 29th May - 5th June - 26th June - 3rd July
24th July - 7th August - 28th August - 4th September
25th September - 30th October - 6th November
27th November - 4th December 2011



2011 Australian Junior Championships

The next Australian Junior Championships will be held in Victoria in January and the format has changed markedly with three different events - the U16/U18: 9 days, U12/U14: 5 days and the U8/U10: just 3 days - much more feasible for most families. Lots of fun and great prize money - $5000 - ideal for keen youngsters. Please check the flyer here and if you have any questions regarding suitability, please give me a ring on 0401 67 2481

2010 News




This year's State Under 11 Championship ended in a tie for first between Charlie Wilkinson and Peter Gregoric, with Xavier Lyons and Lincoln Harris finishing equal third.

The State Under 10 was won by Daniel Petashvili; second was Kee-An Seet and equal third were Cormac O'Brien and Irakly Tsagareli.

The State Under 9 was won by Arseny Galliamov and equal second were Danny Guo and Damian Harris.

The October Junior Tournament was held at the same time and was won by Lachlan Cameron, with Stuart Nicholls coming second and Aashray Gupta third. The U15 Section was won by Alexios Spiliotis, the U13 by Umar Khasanov and the U12 by Alena Chizova.

The Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield took place on Friday September 17th and was won by Mitcham PS - see here for details

See the Final Results of the Interschool Matches for 2010 (If, when you look at the Draw, it seems out of date, try refreshing the page)

Primary B and C Finals

These took place on Friday 10th September at the Chess Centre, were wildly exciting and resulted in Magill PS running out winners in the B Final by the narrowest of margins ahead of Ascot Park PS and Clapham PS.

The C Finals were equally exciting and was won by Nairne PS ahead of Pimpala PS and St Mark's Lutheran School. Well done to all he teams involved -it's fabulous seeing so many youngsters so keen.

See the Results and scoretables of the 2010 Primary B and C Finals andthe 2010 Secondary Lightning


A big congratulations to St Peter's College on winning the Secondary Division 1 Competition this year, just ahead of PAC. Mercedes College won the Division 2 Competition just ahead of Glenunga IHS. The Secondary Division 3 Competition was won by Glenunga IHS, jush ahead of Blackfriars. The Secondary Presentation night takes place on Friday 10th September 2010 at 7.30pm - and will be followed by a teams lightning competition.

We are currently confirming venues but we are delighted to announce that the following are fine in 2010:

  • The Chess Centre for Secondary Matches and Primary B and C on Friday afternoons,
  • St Pius X for Thursday evenings
  • PAC for Primary A and Primary B on Friday nights
  • Ascot Park PS for Primary B and C on Friday nights
  • West Lakes Shore PS for Primary C on Thursday afternoons
  • Burnside PS for Primary C on Friday afternoons
  • St Andrew's for Primary C on Thursday afternoons
  • Wilderness School and Linden Park PS for Primary C on Friday afternoons
  • Parkside PS for Primary C on Tuesday afternoons
  • St Ignatius Junior for Primary B on Fridays at 4pm

Special Combined Primary/Secondary competition at Darlington on Fridays at 4pm in Term 2

We are trying something new at Darlington PS this year - we are making a special competition for primary and secondary students that allows any number of students to take part from a school but the winning primary school will be the one who has the highest total score from its top 5 players and the the winning Secondary will be the top 4 scores. The winning Primary and Secondary team will go into the SAJCL Finals. The matches will be played only in term 2 but on consecutive weeks - please check the calendar for the Darlington dates. It's going to be a great comp - and for more details, please ring me or send an email to the organiser, Tim Seeley - this should be a great competition for schools in the Southern Districts!


To download a flyer about the City of Adelaide Junior Championships and some holiday chess classes, please click here

Now that the AGM is over, please submit your team entries by simply emailing me with your team names and details and they will be added to the team lists at the venues. It's easy and quick.

The cost per team of 5 players is $55 for Primary or $75 for secondary for the whole season. There is also a $20 school affiliation fee for all schools, except new schools this year and host schools.


Hello everyone

Time to register

It is again time to register your teams for this year's interschool competitions.

To do so, you can either:


* reply to me with an email specifying the names of your teams, their grade and venues .. or ..


More venues

As usual, we are still on the lookout for more venues so if you think you can help, please let me know - ideally we need to be able to seat 40 students (8 teams of 5) or multiples thereof! :)


So, please register soon - I will confirm that I have received your teams and update the website with the successful team registrations frequently - we will try to accommodate as many teams and schools as possible but can't guarantee that all will fit.

End of term competitions

Also, please think about bringing a team to our end of term competitions - they are a real treat for the students and can be a great boost for chess in the school. We have deliberately kept the entry fees for these competitions low - just $10 - and qualifiers for the Final in December can play in that free.

President's Report for 2009

This year's Champion Primary School trophy, the Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield was won once again by the all conquering Magill PS team, which also won the Primary A grade and Primary B Finals. Its A team for the EK Shield consisted of Natasha Bortsova, Callum Horan, Ted Wachtel, William Horan, Joel Lee and the B Section for the second round were Arsha Anvar, Kee-An Seet, Nirodh Perera, Umar Khasanov and Edward Tan and in the third Arshia Anvar, Denton Phosavgnh, Timothy Gan, Natalie Gan and Veda Mitra.

The State Junior Championships

The Under 18 ended in a tie for first between Anthony Milton and Alistair Cameron - they will take part in a 2 game playoff to see who wins the title. The U16 Champion is Stephen Daenke, while Lachlan Cameron won the U15 Title. The U14 Champion is James Bowditch and Stuart Nicholls the U13 Champion. The U12 Championship was won by Punala Kiripitige; 2nd was Joel Lee, 3rd Alyona Chizhova, 4th Aaron Ridgway and 5th Jemma Wang.

The City of Adelaide Junior

The Under 21 Championship was won by Alistair Cameron with the mighty score of 9 out of 10, just losing to the ever-dangerous Malcolm Borg in the last round; second with 8 points was Stephen Daenke and equal third were Victor Wen-Sweeney and Fabian Ivancic. The Under 12 was won by Callum Horan, while the Under 10 was won by William Horan - obviously a very talented family!


We had several other major events, in particular the Freytag Checkmate Tournament and the Under 1600 Checkmate Challenge at Rostrevor College and these attracted over 80 players, many of them juniors. The full results can be found at but Alistair Cameron (Mercedes), Zac Searle (Concordia) and Anthony Milton (PAC) all did very well in the very strong Open, while Malcom Borg (St Ignatius') tied for second in the Challenger with 5.5 points; Punala Kiripitige (Blackfriars) and Sophie Eustace (St Peter's Girls) tied in equal fourth and Stephen Daenke (St Peter's) and Lachlan Cameron (Mitcham PS) finished equal 8th. Aashray Gupta (St Peter's), George Trumble (Mercedes), James Bowditch (Walkerville), Stuart Nicholls (Parkside PS), Elee Mayo (Marryatville HS), Ned Nelson (St Ignatius') all scored 3.5 points while Victor Wen-Sweeney (St Ignatius, Veda Mitra (Magill PS), Adam Rybenski (Nazareth College), Alyona Chizhova (Clovelly Park PS), Christos Karykis (PAC), all impressed. Others to watch are Anto Peter, Declan Reiner (Nazareth) and Lachlan Man (St Peter's).


2009 News


2009 - the year that was!!

Chess Finals & Secondary Presentation and Lightning

The Primary B and C Finals were played on Friday 11th September at the Chess Centre and saw a huge, exciting battle between 6 teams in the B Finals and 16 teams in the C Finals.

Congratulations to Magill PS on winning the B finals and to St Pius X and Good Shepherd School on tying for first in the C Finals. Great fun!

The Secondary Lightning Competition was held immediately after the Presentation of Prizes and ended in a tie for first between Alistair Cameron (Mercedes) and Malcolm Borg (St Ignatius'). Saint Ignatius' narrowly won the School Competition ahead of St Peter's and Glenunga IHS. It was particularly pleasing to see a team of teachers involved - Peter Serwan (St Ignatius'), Anne Martin (Immanuel College) and Emil Russein (Glenunga IHS).

SUPER 8 Chess Tournament

Week 8 - Tuesday 8th September 2009 - Westminster School - open to students of any age and ability - starts 9.30 - finished by 12.30 - costs just $8 - lots of prizes and excitement - to register some players, please send a list to Alan Goldsmith

Chess Finals

The B and C Finals will be held at 4pm on Friday 11th September at possibly the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St, Adelaide - SEE DRAWS FOR FIRST ROUND - B - C

The Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield will take place on Friday 18th September at 4pm at the Chess Centre.

Check the draws for the Interschool Matches

The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 12th March 2009 at the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide. The calendar was discussed, along with the election of the League's officers and consideration given to reducing the number of players per team to just 4.

It was decided to just try reducing the numbers of players per team to 4 in the Secondary Division 3 competition only - all other teams will remain 5 players.

Current Venues for 2009

We appear to have almost the same venues for last year - many thanks to those schools! - but instead of Rostrevor we now have Linden Park PS.

Many thanks also to Wilderness School who will be holding a 12 team C Grade Competition on Friday afternoons at 4pm and to Scotch College for a Thursday competition at 4pm.

Final registrations taking place Now please

Check the current registrations

If you are a secondary school, please start registering teams now - simply email Alan with the names of your teams and which Division they will play in. Similarly, if you are a Primary School and know where you want your teams to play and there is a vacancy, please let me know the name of the team and venue and your team will be added to the list.

Many thanks



Think about playing overseas!

There are many events that you might be eligible to apply for, so please check here for more details - but do it soon as there are certain deadlines that need to be met.


2008 News

Find below details from the 2008 Season - a lot happened! And while much of the same will occur in 2009, but not the Australian Schools Teams Championship or the Lidums Australian Junior - that will be a few years away again - there are lots of exciting developments being planned.

Items from 2008

The 2008 Australian Schools Teams Championship results are now up on the site.

The Next Super 8 Half-day Tournament will be at Westminster Junior School on Tuesday December 2nd; the Wednesday Tournament will be at the Chess Centre - costs just $8 per student - lots of fun - eligible to anyone - more info


Interschool Matches

Congratulations to the following schools on their success in the 2008 Interschool Matches:


Div 1: 1st PAC; 2nd Saint Ignatius'; 3rd St Peter's

Div 2: 1st: Glenunga IHS; 2nd St Ignatius; 3rd Wilderness College

Div 3: 1st Glenunga IHS; 2nd Blackfriars; =3rd Rostrevor and St Ignatius' College


A Grade: 1st - Magill PS 2nd Mitcham PS

B Grade:

Ascot Park Venue: Eq 1st Clapham & Ascot Park; 3rd Westminster

Chess Centre: 1st St Peter's; 2nd Walkerville; 3rd St John Bosco

Magill PS Venue: 1st Rostrevor; 2nd St Raphael; 3rd Magill PS

C Grade:

Ascot Park Venue: 1st Scotch College; 2nd Tabor; 3rd Mitcham

Burnside Venue: 1st Burnside Gold; 2nd Burnside Black; 3rd Linden Park Green

Chess Centre: 1st St Peter's; 2nd: St John's Lutheran; =3rd Tenison & St John Bosco

Hills: 1st Hills Christian; 2nd: St Michael's Lutheran

Parkside: 1st: Sunrise White; 2nd: Sunrise Green; 3rd: Parkside PS

Rostrevor Venue: 1st Pembroke; 2nd Magill PS; 3rd Rostrevor

Southern League : 1st: Pimpala PS

St Andrew's: 1st: St Andrew's Purple; 2nd Rosary Gold; 3rd Rosary Blue;

St Peter's 1 Comp: 1st St Andrew's Silver ; 2nd Magill Silver 3rd: St Peter's Gold;

St Peter's 2: St Andrew's Aqua; 2nd St Peter's Blue; 3rd St Peter's White

St Pius X: 1st The Heights; 2nd Good Shepherd Gold; 3rd St Pius

West Lakes Shore: 1st St Michael's; 2nd KidmanPark; 3rd West Lakes Shore PS

The B Finals ended in a tie for first between St Raphael's and Clapham PS; Ascot Park PS was third.

The C Finals was won by The Heights School, with Sunrise White and Sunrise Green comming second and third.

The Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield was won by Magill PS after a playoff with St Peter's JS.

The 2009 Lidums Australian Junior Championships

The SAJCL is delighted to announce that SA has been selected to host the next Australian Junior Championships in January 2009. We are very grateful to Saint Ignatius' College for providing a beautiful air-conditioned hall as a venue and to Mr Aivars Lidums for his very generous sponsorship.

We hope that many schools and youngsters will become actively involved.

The Lidums Australian Junior website is now available and more details will be added shortly!

The 2008 Australian Schools Teams Championships

The SAJCL is delighted to host the 2008 Australian Schools Championships on Saturday 6th December and Sunday 7th December 2008. It will be played at Rostrevor College and the College is offering two excellent accommodation and meals deals - but book soon. Special thanks to Mr Robert Hoile for his generous sponsorship. More details.

The 2008 Under 18, 16, 15, 14, 13 and 12 Championships

These were held during the school holidays and the new state junior Champions are:

Under 18: Fabian Ivancic

Under 16: Tom Milton

Under 15: Sophie Eustace; 2nd Fulei Liu

Under 14: =1st Alistair Cameron & Natasha Bortsova

Under 13: =1st Timothy Selvanderan & Sean Liew; =3rd Aashray Gupta & Ned Nelson

Under 18 results in full

Under 12: 1st Punala Kiripitige; 2nd James Bowditch; 3rd Lachlan Cameron

Under 12 results in full

Other events

As well as the normal State and City of Adelaide Junior Championships scheduled through the year, there are many events held by the SA Chess Association that are very suitable for youngsters, such as the Interclub Matches which start on Tuesday 29th April and the fabulous Freytag Checkmate Weekend Tournament on July 5th and 6th.

More details will be posted here shortly.


We are also delighted to be affiliated with the Southern Chess League, based at Woodcroft College in Morphett Vale. The SCL has been running a fabulous competition for students down South for many years and sending the winning team to us to play in our Finals competitions. If you are from a school down South, please check their website for their programme - it's a lot of fun and may be a more convenient competition for your students.

A Northern League is also being setup this year based around Playford HS - more details shortly.

Many thanks


Alan Goldsmith


2007 News


Congratulations to the winners of the 2007 Secondary Interschool Competitions:


2007 Secondary A Grade
1st St Peter’s Blue

Second – PAC Red

Third – St Ignatius Gold

2007 Secondary B Grade
1st St Peter’s Gold

Eq Second - CBC and Scotch College

2007 Secondary C Grade
1st St Ignatius Red

Second – Glenunga IHS

Eq Third – St Ignatius Blue and Mercedes Gold

2007 Secondary D Grade
1st – Wilderness Gold

Eq Second – Concordia College and CBC Blue

2007 Division 3
1st – Glenunga IHS; Second – St Ignatius; Third – Sacred Heart

2007 Champion Secondary School
Winner – St Peter’s College
Runner-up – St Ignatius College

Congratulations to the winners of the 2007 Primary Interschool Competitions:

2007 Primary A Grade
Winner – Mitcham PS
Second – Kidman Park PS
Third – Magill PS

2007 Primary B Group 1
Winner – St Peter’s
Second – Burnside PS
Third – Walford Gold

2007 Primary B Group 2
Winner – St Peter’s Green
Second – Linden Park Checkmates
Third – St Peter’s Gold

2007 Primary B Group 3
Winner – Magill Red
Second – Clapham PS
Third – Westminster Prep

2007 Primary C Group 1
Winner - St John Bosco
Second – Tenison Knights
Third – St John’s Lutheran

2007 Primary C Group 2
Winner - Scotch College
Second – Mitcham PS
Third – St John’s Grammar

2007 Primary C Group 3
Winner – Paradise PS
Second – Good Shepherd Gold
Third – St Martin’s Red

2007 Primary C Group 4
Eq First – Hills Christian School
Eq First – St Michael’s Lutheran

2007 Primary C Group 5
Winner - Pembroke
Second - Rostrevor Silver
Eq Third - Rostrevor Red
Eq Third – Magill Yellow
Eq Third – Magill Blue

2007 Primary C Group 6
Winner - St Raphael’s 1
Second – Pulteney Red
Third - St Raphael’s 2

2007 Primary C Group 7
Winner - St Andrew’s Purple
Second – Rosary Gold
Third – St Andrew’s Orange

2007 Primary C Group 8
Winner - St Peter’s White
Second – PAC Red
Eq Third - St Peter’s Red
Eq Third – Burnside Red
Eq Third - St Peter’s Black

2007 Primary C Group 9
Winner - Sacred Heart
Second – Westminster
Third – Kidman Park PS

2007 Evelyn Koshnitsky Shield
Champion Primary School

Winner – St Andrew’s School
Runner-up – Magill PS
Eq Third – PAC
Eq Third – Linden Park

2007 Primary B Finals
Winner – Magill PS
Second – Burnside PS
Third Clapham PS

2007 Primary C Finals
Winner – St Peter’s
Second – Pembroke
Third – St Raphael’s

Congratulations to the winner of the following State junior titles

2007 State U18 Championship
Winner - Anthony Milton
Equal Second - Jakob Sterk
Equal Second - Matthew Borg

2007 State U16 Championship
Winner - Malcolm Borg
Second - James Griggs

2007 State U15 Championship
Winner - Calvin Fong
Second - Stephen Daenke

2007 State U14 Championship
Winner - Alistair Cameron
Second - Sophie Eustace

2007 State U13 Championship
Winner - Katrina Knapp
Eq Second - Tom Milton
Eq Second - Elee Mayo

2007 State U12 Championship
Winner - Lachlan Cameron
Second - James Bowditch
Third - Natasha Bortsova

2007 State U11 Championship
Winner - Lachlan Cameron
Second - Robert Tan
Third - James Bowditch

2007 State U10 Championship
Winner - Adrian Sarstedt

2007 State U9 Championship
Winner - Dinula Kaludewa
Eq Second - Erin Eustace & Stefan Ivancic

2007 State U18 Girls Championship
Winner - Sophie Eustace

2007 State U16 Girls Championship
Winner - Natasha Bortsova

2006 News



Congratulations to the winners of the 2006 Secondary Interschool Competitions:


A Grade:

1st: St Peter's Blue, 2nd: St Ignatius Red, Eq 3rd: St Peter's White and PAC White


B Grade:

1st: CBC Purple; Eq 2nd: Woodville and St John's Grammar


C Grade:

Eq 1st: PAC Gold and St Ignatius Green, 3rd PAC White


D Grade:

Eq 1st: St Ignatius Blue and CBC Purple, Eq 3rd: Mercedes College and St Peter's Blue


Division 3:

Equal 1st: Rostrevor Red and CBC Purple; 3rd : Glenunga IHS




Congratulations to the 2006 State Junior Champions:

1st U18: James Griggs

1st U16: Fedja Zulfic

1st U15: Malcolm Borg

1st U14: Sophie Eustace

1st U13: Calvin Fong

1st U12: Alistair Cameron


For more details: Under 18 - U13, Under 12


Congratulations to our new Under 18 Girls Champion Zhi Lin Oh


Girl champions 2007



Second was Natasha Budnikova (pictured) and third Katrina Knapp